Brick Group


Product Description

Floor filling bricks are factory bricks within the field of TS 1261 that do not participate in static work. They are bricks used only for filling and isolation without participating in static work in the construction of concrete gear floors. They are generally used in large business centers, hospitals, schools. Recently, it has been widely used in residential buildings.

25’lik Asmolen

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 40x19x25 cm (BxExY)
Weight: 9.5 kg
Number of uses: 10 piece/m2


27’lik Asmolen

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 40x19x27.5 cm (BxExY)
Weight: 12.2 kg
Number of uses: 10 piece/m2 


30’luk Asmolen

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 40x19x30 cm (BxExY)
Weight: 11.7 kg
Number of uses: 10 piece/m2 


Our Asmolen Bricks are classified according to the thickness of the flooring to be made.

25 ‘lik   Asmolen    (250x400x200 mm)
27 ‘lik   Asmolen    (270x400x200 mm)
30 ‘luk  Asmolen    (300x400x200 mm)

The variable measure is height. All varieties are used 10 pieces per m2.

As The Company, We Are An Environmentally Sensitive Firm, Our Products Are Produced From Natural Clay.