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Heat and sound insulation on outer
walls, It does not require jacketing.

Product Details


Lightened, heat and sound insulated
brick. It does not require jacketing.

Product Details


High capacity, low product loss,
with high energy efficiency
we are producing.



Ulku Company with more than
40 product types all your brick
and tile needs offers you.

Our Products

01. Ulku Brick

By processing the soil in the best way, our bricks that we produce reach you by passing all kinds of tests and experiments..

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02. Ulku Tile

Our tiles are produced with high plasticity clay. By siliconizing, water absorption rates are reduced to very low levels.

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03. Ulku Accessory

Accessory tiles, which are complementary to the tiles on the roofs. It increases the life of the roofs by allowing them to breathe.

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A Sustainable Production Model

We produce high capacity, low product loss with automated brick drying system, less labor with automation, higher energy efficiency and better quality production with robot systems. We produce high quality products with the latest technology in brick drying. The system can be operated more efficiently by changing the PLC and computer controlled system at any time in production.

Energy Efficiency Law No. 5627

According to the Energy Performance Regulation in Buildings, in order to ensure the efficient and efficient use of energy and energy resources in buildings, to prevent waste of energy and to protect the environment, the minimum energy requirement and energy consumption classification, greenhouse gas emission level, insulation properties and efficiency of heating and / or cooling systems is the document that contains the information.

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Useful Information

Energy efficiency is the goal of reducing the amount of energy required to provide products and services. For example, insulating a house allows a building to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature.

It is the most natural building material due to the natural ingredients in the brick and tile composition produced from clay. Natural fire is produced from air, water and soil. It is recyclable because it is natural.

Brick and tile, whose water absorption rate is lower than other building materials, does not dampen your walls.

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With Ulku Super Iso Brick, you can even warm your apartment in candlelight!